What Are the Top Beaches in Florida

There are so many excellent beaches in Florida you will be confused when you have to decide where to go. Most beaches in Florida can offer anything you can dream of. However, there are a few that are the best among the best. These are the top beaches in Florida.

Those who love big, white-sandy beaches will be very satisfied with Clearwater Beach. It is always sunny here, there is plenty to do, and at Pier 60 you will be able to enjoy extraordinary sunsets. You will also find art, history and nightlife at Clearwater Beach. This beach has a lot to offer if you are the outdoor type, a boater, a fisherman or a swimmer. Clearwater Beach can be found on the Gulf Coast, near Tampa and St. Pete’s.

Destin is your vacation destination if you want a good spot on the Panhandle, and if you want world class golfing, family fun and beautiful beaches. Destin is located on the Emerald Coast, and here there is no better playground for children and adults than the white sand. There are various condos and vacation homes that offer great accommodation.

The Keys are Florida’s most famous beaches. All the areas in the Keys are great, but Key West is the absolute favorite. This place offers too many things to enumerate. Smathers Beach is a must see, and the best thing is to rent a buggy, visit the southernmost point, and enjoy the sunset at Mallory Square.

Even though it is not a beach area, Orlando is another great destination. There are numerous beaches close to Orlando, and near the city you will find many great recreational opportunities, such as Disney World. A nice place to visit is Cocoa Beach, where you will be able to enjoy the sand, the pier and lots of water activities, along with great shopping opportunities. Clearwater and the surrounding areas are also a must see if you are heading west.

Miami is also a must see: the North Beach, South Beach and everything in between provides a unique vacation experience. The sand is really soft, the water has a unique emerald color, and the people from all over the world. Miami nightlife attracts even the Hollywood stars, and there is exquisite, world-class cuisine.

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