Top Beaches in Thailand

The first top beach in Thailand is Hat Farang in Ko Mook. This beautiful beaches claim to fame is the Emerald Cave, which is well known among locals and tourists alike. Hat Farang also boasts snorkeling, surfing and swimming facilities. And there are always beautiful sunsets in the evening that will always impress. The next island is called Ko Lanta Island. This island is actually a fairly new resort area which is located on Thailand’s upper west side. Its beaches are large with soft white sands and the water is calm and transparent with light blue hues in it.

Next up are the beaches located in the Ko Tarutao National Marine Park. This natural reserve is the most majestic setting for Thailand’s finest beaches. The island itself is covered in lush, green vegetation and rainforest. As if it were not already beautiful enough, the array of marine life is what attracts the most visitors. The undersea life here consists of five varieties of coral, like Staho’s Horn Corals, Brain Corals, Mushroom Corals, Soft Corals and Leaf Corals. Now we will take a look at Khao Lak Beach. Amazingly, this beach has yellow sand and some of the most amazing light blue and pristine waters known to man. The layout of the beach is winding and narrow points, with outcrops of rocks which provide breathtaking vistas of the entire area. And you will notice quaint little bungalows along the shore and land that can cost quite a lot of money. Lastly is the West Railay Beach on the coast of Krabi. The Krabi Beach Island boasts white sand beaches and the most awe-inspiring views of the towering limestone cliffs ever seen.

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