Top Beach Volleyballs for This Season

As spring arrives and the sun starts to poke through winter clouds, so starts the time to prepare for volleyball season. Finding the perfect beach volleyballs for the season may seem like a daunting task for the beginner, but choosing the right one is as easy as showing up to the beach. Games for the beach require different volleyballs for play than those used on indoor courts, and using beach volleyballs requires you play by a different set of rules.

Made in different sizes, and constructed with different materials than their indoor counterparts, beach volleyballs are made to withstand tough play in any outdoor environment.Their design allows them to repel dirt and sand so your beach ball always stays in top shape. Luckily, were here to review the best beach balls for the season, so you can show up ready to spike your competition at the volleyball beach. Games for the beach demand a slightly larger volleyball, and manufactures use a hand-sewn technique to keep the balls lasting for multiple seasons. Beach balls are made from high composite leathers or from the real thing, instead of soft leather alternatives.

Top Five for This Season

1) The Mikasa VLS300 – It is hard to improve on the best volleyball, but Mikasa succeeded when it revamped the volleyball with the latest technology. The FIVB chose these balls as the international standard in competitive play.

2) Mikasa SCV200 – A great beach volleyball for beginners, this ball is a smaller version than others, making it the official ball of the NCAA.

3) Wilson H4308 – While playing with the Wilson H4308, it is easy to realize why this is a favorite on the volleyball beach. With an 18-panel hand sewn construction, and durable leather alternative makes this beach ball resistant to dirt and moisture. The standard for AVP beach volleyballs, and the favorite of professionals like Misty May and Kerri Walsh.

4) Wilson Traditional AVP – This is the official beach ball of the California Beach Volleyball Association, and the USA Volleyball Jr. Beach Tour. This is the top of the line volleyball, and is constructed using the highest quality leather, unlike many of the composite beach volleyballs other competitors make.

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